My oops, lost notify list!!

Do not know what I did, but all my e-mail was erased. I had about twenty on notify list and lost them all. I have two litters due in a week or two, so if you were on my list, please send me another e-mail.

Cashmere Boy

Cashmere is the name given to the long haired Bengals. His pelt will get longer as he gets older. He is four weeks old in these pictures and is starting to use the litter box.
The Cashmere Bengal in the lower picture is of the same breeding as the Cashmere boy. I love the fluffy tail.
You do not need to worry about having a lot of long hair around the house as Bengals shed very little.

Two outstanding girls from Gypsy

These two darlings are three weeks old in these pictures.  The gray fuzzies  are just starting. As they get older the spots will become black outlined rosettes and the back ground color will become an orange/tan  The top one has outstanding contrast and I can just envision those large spots being black outlined rosettes.
The lower girl has spots that are smaller and closer together. When rosettes and her background color changes she will be a beauty. The top girl is going to Christina