Our brown spotted boys

Please remember that when young they are gray but as they get a little older the background color becomes orange/tan and the spots develop into beautiful rosettes. I love to watch them change.

Folly has two brown spotted boys that are not spoken for at this time.  Spoken for.

They were born April 1  One week old in these pictures.

Folly has great kittens that are very loving.

Folly boy
Love the pattern and color and it will only get better.

Folly's boy on blue has great color

Folly boy
At less than two weeks old and the eyes still closed. All they do at this age is sleep and eat. Love his markings.

Folly's boy on blue has a lot of color aready

folly boy
Just look at the color between eyes and ears . It is already a great orange/tan/brown shade.  He also has great contrast between spots and background.

Goldie had four kittens and this is her first litter.

Born March 11. This is the brown spotted boy that is not spoken for at this time.  Can you believe how great the markings are at only four weeks???spoken for.

The Rosettes are well on their developing .  He is going to be one handsome fellow.

Goldie's one boy
He is the most active in the litter at this time.  He is into everything and runs to me to be loved.


 This home will be so much fun with the patter of many little feet running around!

We have a litter of three brown marble kittens from our Silver Delight and K C Royal.  One girl and two boys. Just ten days old in these photos.

One of the boys

How can you not just love this sweet face!!

This is one of the two boys. He is fattest on the three.

He is already highly glittered

Here is the one girl

Her background is a beautiful walnut color. There will be more of the orange/tan color as she get older.