My oops, lost notify list!!

Do not know what I did, but all my e-mail was erased. I had about twenty on notify list and lost them all. I have two litters due in a week or two, so if you were on my list, please send me another e-mail.

Love having kittens running around our home. We have these three kittens from Goldie and K C Royal born June 22 and will old enough to leave August 31

This is Goldie second litter and she did us proud.

Our only little lady

She is either laid back, or running crazy!! Just five weeks old in these pictures. First to use litter box.

Boy 2 is the hungry one that runs to me when I have food in hand.

There will more of the light orange/tan color as he gets older

This is one of the boys

There will more of the orange/tan color as he gets older. This is the sweet one of the three marbles.